Traditional Volleyball Camp Tine Urnaut will take place in Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia from 01/07/2018 to 07/07/2018.

Tine Urnamedalja in priznanje ep 2015ut, the captain of the Slovenian National Volleyball team and member of Azimut Modena, an Italian Volleyball club, wishes with this Camp to offer an opportunity to young volleyball players and fans to play indoor volleyball also during summer, outside the club season and spend active holidays, full of various sports and social activities.

Young people who like volleyball and have not yet reached the age of 18 can attend Tine Urnaut’s Volleyball camp.

Each camp will be joined by 60 young participants who want to encrease their volleyball skills, comming from all over Slovenia and other Countries.

The young volleyball players attending the Camp will have two trainings a day under the leadership of Tine Urnaut and tine uvodni pozdravhis team of experienced coaches. Beside trainings in the hall, other outdoor sports activities will take place, such as beach volley, water volley, pool swimming, diving, hikking. There will be also time for a lot of fun with a visit to the local cinema, occasions to play social games and meetings with Tine’s teammates and other sports friends.

“When I was in primary school, I didn’t have the opportunity to practice indoor volleyball in any summer camp. Since I know how much it would have meant to me having the possibility to play the sport that I love most also during holidays, I decided to offer these opportunity to young players. I am sure that we will have fun at the Camp, it will be a perfect occasion to meet new friends and among all we will all end these holidays richer for new experience and skills.” (Tine Urnaut)









Volleyball Camp will be organized in cooperation with the Institute for Culture, Sport, Tourism and youth Ravne, Carintia.


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Ravne, Carintia, Slovenia

Time left until the beginning of  Tine Urnaut’s Volleyball Camp 2018:


A team of experienced coaching staff will transfer its rich knowledge to young volleyball players at Tine Urnaut’s Volleyball Camp. Many of them played an important role in teaching and developing of Tine’s volleyball skills and have great personal success in their careers as athletes and coaches of clubs and national teams.

Tine Urnaut

The captain of the Slovenian National Volleyball team and a member of Azimut Modena, an Italian  Volleyball Club, has volleyball literally written in his genes. His parents and both older brothers were also volleyball players.

He first practiced swimming and skiing, during primary school years he played soccer, basketball and handball beside volleyball, in secondary school he mainly devoted himself to the sport that became his life. His first team was Volleyball Club Fužinar based in Ravne, Carinthia.

During his youth, during summer periods he used to play beach volley. In 2005 he won the World champion title (under 19) together with his teammate Nejc Zemljak, and a bronze medal at the European Youth Championships.

His first international achievements in indoor volleyball took place in 2007. In march he won CEV Top Teams competition with ACH Autocommerrce, Bled. In July 2007 he played with the National youth team at the World Championship in Morocco (under 21).

He has debuted in the senior National team in 2005, when he was only 16, and achieved his greatest success by winning the silver medal at the European Championships in 2015. Tine also received individual prices, as an award for the Best Outside spiker.

In the past 13 years he has played over 150 matches in official competitions for the Slovenian National team. He participated in 6 European championships , and since 2009 he is the captain of the National team. This year, the National team of Slovenia will take part for the first time at World championships.

In his club career he played for various clubs in Greece, Italy, Turkey and Poland. He won a silver medal in the European Champions League with the Trentino volley in the 2015/2016 season and bronze medal at the Club World Championships in October 2016. This year he is playing for Azimut Modena Volley, a famous Italian Club.

He always tried to match sports with studies, and in 2015 he has successfully completed his student’s career at the Faculty of Sport of the University of Ljubljana, becoming a professor of sports education.

Daily program

Daily program includes two trainings and other sport and social free time activities.

Approximate daily program:

8.00 waking up

8.30-9.00 breakfast

10.00 departure for training

10.30-12.30 training

13.00-13.30 lunch

13.30-14.30 rest

14.30-17.00 swimming, other leisure time activities, snack

17.30-19.30 training

20.00 dinner

20.30 do 22.00 social activities and games

22.30 night rest


Finalni urnik Tine Urnaut

Volleyball Camp Tine Urnaut 2018 will take place in Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia. Participants will be accommodated in Youth hotel Punkl on the full board basis (www.punkl.si).

Price of 7-days Volleyball Camp Tine Urnaut 2018


The price includes:

  • 6 full board with an extra snack and soft drinks
  • final barbacue for participant and 1 companion
  • 2 trainings a day (2 hours)
  • mamorial shirt
  • insurance for the case of injury
  • entrance to the outdoor swimming pool
  • entrance to the beach volley court
  • cinema
  • animation, different sport and social activities